1. Discounts & offers:

You may be eligible for discounts or offers that are either offered on my website or via where I advertise. To obtain these discounts and offers you will have to quote the relevant code. To secure the price on the quote you must place the deposit by the date shown or you may loose the offer at that price. These discounts are off services only not any travel costs incurred.

2. Deposits & payments:

To book your chosen wedding or event service:

  • £150 booking fee at point of booking & balance in cleared funds no later than 24hrs after your trial takes place
    • should your bookings trials come to more than the £150 deposit then the cost of the trials & any relevant travelling costs must be covered as the deposit payment
    • Any booking under £150 must be paid in full at point of booking
    • Any booking made 8 weeks or less from the date must be paid in full

No dates will be held without any form of payment of booking fee (which is taken off your final invoice)
Booking fees are non refundable. In the rare event I am unable to attend your appointment another artist of the same experience & quality of work will be sent in my absence however, if the package is cancelled by inner beauty due to any type of abuse or non payment as stated below, the deposit / balance paid to date remains non refundable. All payments must be via bank / internet transfer. I do not accept card, PayPal, cheque or cash.

You may add additional services to your original booked package, to add the additional services they must be paid for in full at the point you wish to add them. Anything additional must be added no less than 6 Weeks before the date to ensure diary allocation is correct, anything after the 6 weeks will be refused or incur additional charges. No additions / changes made to trial bookings less than 2 weeks before the date.

3. Lipsticks / lip glosses / tints etc:

Due to the cost of lipsticks & glosses from the brands I use I am now unable to give them away for parties to keep topping up throughout the day – I have found the best option for all parties is for the bridal party to obtain their own lipsticks or glosses allowing top ups all day / night. It is advisable to have these for your trial.

4. Accepting the quote:

To accept the quote and book your package you must place the deposit with inner beauty. Should the need arise the deposit can be transferred to another date as long as the diary permits, there is however a small charge for this – please see  the cancellations & penalties section. If the required date is full the deposit remains non refundable. Please be aware that by placing the deposit you are accepting these terms and conditions automatically.

5. Trials:

Trials are held at my home address in Tamworth, Staffordshire. If it is not possible for you to attend your trial at my home please ensure you are flexible, travel costs will also be incurred.

Trials are for us to meet and discuss your requirements and try styles in both hair and/or make up to ensure you are happy with your final choice. I always advise that at least the bride has a trial to ensure she is happy with what she will look like on her big day although I will not tie you into contract with a trial.

When I attend your trial I will discuss everything with you from your gown to your colour scheme until we create your desired look. Once the trial is over you will be asked if you are happy with your choice, upon confirmation of this your trial is complete and I will give you times of arrival on the day and double check addresses etc.

If you are not certain we will carry on until we find your chosen style, you are however limited to a 2.5hr slot for a single trial (additional time is allowed for additional persons). Please note if you change your mind after I have left I can not be responsible for time constraints on the day not allowing us to try new looks. If you wish for another trial this is at an additional cost to you and only if the diary permits. You must be aware you are governed by the time of your ceremony on the day and if you don’t like the untested style there may not be time to redo something.

Trials will only be held on the following days:

  • Tuesday between the hours of 10am & 5pm at my home address (postcode B77 2JW)
  • Wednesday between the hours of 3pm & 5pm at my home address (postcode B77 2JW)
  • Friday diary permitting between the hours of 10am & 3pm at my home address (postcode B77 2JW)
  • Trials booked to be carried out on a Sunday carry a £100 premium in addition to all other costs
  • Weddings held on a Sunday carry a £50 premium in addition to all other costs

6. Children:

Children under 14 years old will not qualify for anything more than hair. Any child Under 5yrs is not eligible for any service this is a healthy & safety precaution. 

7. Abuse towards members of the team:

I understand that a wedding is one of the most stressful times of a woman’s life however, I will not tolerate any form of verbal or physical abuse. Should this happen I will pack my kit and leave and no refund will be given.

8. Nits:

Please note due to many cases of nits in bridal parties I will now make a thorough analysis of each individuals hair at all appointments before any work is carried out. If nits whether dead or alive, eggs or the dirt traces they leave are found I will not be able to carry out the hair trial or booking for that individual.

Please note that this stands for trials AND the wedding day. This is nothing over and above what a reputable hairdresser / salon practises, and to avoid disappointment I highly recommend that you check everyone’s hair ahead of your appointment. If I find something and are unable to proceed with the hair booking you are not eligible for a refund as this is your responsibility. Please note that you do not need to have children within your household to catch nits.

9. Fake tans:

If you are planning on having a fake tan for your wedding I request that you have it for your trial as well to enable me to match & record your colour correctly – most spray tans are an artificial colour pigment therefore not a natural colour, you must take on board it may not be possible to match your colour exactly but only very close. I can not be held responsible if I’m unable to skin match you on the day with an artificial tan if you did not have one at the trial.

10. Payments & instalments:

All payments are to be made via bank transfers, I no longer accept cheques, cash or PayPal. Once you accept your quote and book with inner beauty any payment plan contracted must be adhered to. Once your trial has taken place you will be issued the same day with your final payment invoice, this is payable upon receipt. You will be given 24hrs to ensure it is paid & received after your trial, should your payment not be made or not cleared within the time stated you run the risk of your package being cancelled with no refund of monies paid to date.  If you are struggling with your payment plan please contact me immediately so I may try and help you rather than leave it until it is too late.

11. Cancellations & penalties:

  • Any cancellation made before the trial is held will incur no penalties & the booking will be cancelled with just the non refundable booking fee / deposit being lost.
  • Any cancellation made after the trial must still be paid in full. An invoice will be issued & you will be given 7 working days to clear the balance. If the balance remains unpaid the appropriate legal action will be taken.
  • You may add to your quote at any point but you can not take things away from your original booking. If you ask to remove any item from your original booking you will still have to pay for it. You may add to your original booking however, the additional services must be paid for at the point of adding them.
  • If you are required to move your booked date to another you may do so if my diary is available at a cost of £50 which will be invoiced & must be paid before any movement is carried out. This will be waived in the event of a cancellation made by either party due to any of the following: Epidemic, Pandemic, Risk to public health, Risk to safety, Act of God or any government sanction put into place due to any of the aforementioned.
  • Cancellations may be made by either party with no refund of payments made due to any of the following: Epidemic,Pandemic, risk to public health, Risk to safety, Act of God or any government sanction put into place due to any of the aforementioned. You should ensure you have wedding insurance that covers you fully for every eventuality.
  • If you need to postpone due to any of the following we will happily transfer your booking to another date and waive the transfer fee as long as our diary permits: Epidemic,Pandemic, risk to public health, Risk to safety, Act of God or any government sanction put into place due to any of the aforementioned. If we are unable to assist you on your new date your booking fee / deposit remains non refundable. Any re arrangements made after the trial date / final payment that we are unable to transfer remains non refundable.

12. Mileage & Parking:

You will be requested to provide a postcode for both your trial & your big day to allow any relevant mileage to be calculated appropriately. Anything over 20 miles from B77 2JW will be charged at 50p per mile for both trips to & from both your trial & big day unless I have arranged for other work in your area at which point you would share the travel costs with the other booked client. 

Please note any booking requiring a start time before 7.30am & is more than 35 miles away will need to book a room for me the evening before. This does not need to be in the same venue but must be within 5 miles of where I need to be the next morning, I can book this myself & bill into your booking if you wish.

If there is not free parking available at your venue or chosen address to get ready at parking fee’s are to be covered by the booked party. Please ensure you advise at booking whether there will be parking fees involved to allow me to add it to your quote.

13. Photographs:

Photographs will be taken by me of work completed by myself & Kayla to be shared on my social media with credits to your suppliers if their information is shared with me. If you do not wish for photographs to be taken / shared please ensure you tell me prior to your wedding. They will not be shared before your evening event allowing all your evening guests to see you in person first

14. Defamation:
Protection of Supplier’s reputation. The Customer specifically agrees not to engage in negative comments, libel or slander regarding the Supplier including (but not limited to) publishing, or causing to be published, complaints or derogatory comments about the Supplier in any format, including (but not limited to) print, newspaper, television, radio, social media or on internet complaint sites, blogs or other public internet forums. Should there be a breach of this condition the Supplier will be entitled to liquidated damages in the amount of £5,000.00 for each publishing or posting as a genuine and reasonable pre-estimate of the Supplier’s loss. Further, the Supplier shall be entitled to litigate this matter, and obtain money damages together with injunctive and punitive relief, as well as its costs.

15. Disclaimer:
By placing the deposit you are agreeing to our terms & conditions and any changes we may make to them that we deem necessary without prior notification. I will not be held responsible for a booked client who chooses not to read the Terms thoroughly.