1:1 or Group Hair & Make Up Lessons

Not everyone is comfortable attempting a new make up or hair look, not every bride is marrying in her native country & there are some people that are about to go in front of the camera and want a sexy new look! This is where I can help, I can provide one to one lessons for a bride to be marrying abroad giving all the tips and know how to go & purchase the tools she needs to recreate the look she wants on her big day without having to find someone local and a possible language / communication barrier. I can also provide one to ones for ladies & gents who wish to try new things but are maybe not as confident & competent with make up and hair and would like pointers & tips. I can also provide group lessons or tutorials for a travelling bridal party or maybe some fun before the hen night…….maybe even just an excuse for the girls to get together with a bottle!

One to one lessons are for hair or make up & are priced at:

£50 for a 1.5hr slot | £70 for a 2hr slot | £90 for a 3hr slot


One to one lessons for both hair & make up are priced at:

£100 for half a day | £170 for full day


Group lessons can cover hair, make up or both – they can be completely customisable & are priced at:

£50 per person for groups between 2 & 4 people (per two hours)

£40 per person for groups of 4 or more (per two hours)

Group sessions can either be a half day or evening booking or full day, they also will include a bottle of wine per person