Destination Wedding Hair & Make Up

Not every bride wishes to marry in her native country, without doubt here in the UK we are never guaranteed great weather even in summer – it may be due to family politics o even just you would like to do it privately without the worry of mums great nieces grand daughter who you’ve never met wanting an invite. Whatever your reason a worry can sometimes be about your hair & make up, there has been many stories of brides struggling with a language barrier & unable to explain what she would like don’t, taking her own make up and the product’s just not being up to the job in the warmer climate etc. This is why I offer private or group hair and / or make up lessons to offer advice, show techniques and supply of list of products that can do the job while you are away. I can teach a bridesmaid or maid of honour how to achieve the hair style you want or a stunning smokey eye. Take a peek at my destination wedding mood board showing some truly inspiring wedding venues abroad


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My Chosen Charity Is…….

As a number of previous brides will know I do my very best to support a charity each year. For the last few years I have supported Dogs For The Disabled by sponsoring a puppy into adulthood, he is now an adult and i’m hoping nearing the end of his training allowing someone somewhere with a disability a little more freedom in life easing the difficulties they have. I have thought very long & hard over a new charity to support – this is no easy decision there are so many valuable charities, a number of who i give to personally such as The Air Ambulance Service – this is very close to my heart as many of you know ive had horses and ridden most of my life & its usually the air ambulance that is called when an equestrian comes free of their mount! Breast Cancer Awareness as this is very close to home & also WWF by sponsoring a snow leopard on behalf of my animal loving children.
I myself have a certain fondness for Pugs! My pugs are from the most amazing fairly local charity Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue, I have recently lost my beloved Loubie Lou – an aged fawn pug who came into Chrissy Angels Marshall at Angels from a typical and horrific back yard breeder, Loubie needed alot of care & nurturing but when she was ready to be loved again we were lucky to be picked as her new family, with tears in my eyes i heartbreakingly said goodbye in August after just 1yr & 11 months! Her health declined and she couldn’t manage any more. The children & I have adopted since, again through Angels – so I have decided that this is my chosen charity!
This means with each booking taken a small deposit will be made via me on your behalf. This money allows dogs that come into the charity to be seen by a vet, health checked and any problems sorted, they are neutered or spayed and then fostered in the homes of the most amazing people who assess them before they are ready for adoption!
So here’s a big well done to each & everyone of my brides that book from here on in – you will be helping a beautiful dog in need all while booking me for your event…….all hopefully from the comfort of your beautiful home

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Exciting new beauty products with awesome feedback

For a number of months behind the scenes I have been doing in depth research into organic beauty products that can not assist in the run up prep for any bride to be but the general public. The biggest thing that i found within almost all the typical shop bought products including those from the ‘natural’ shops is that they contain a number of artificial preservatives allowing much longer shelf life – now a longer shelf life is of course always an added bonus when you are purchased a natural or organic product at a premium cost that states it is organic you do not expect to find artificial anything involved. I now after lots of research, development and trials have my own truly handmade, organic beauty range – the full range will be released in stages allowing extra research into new products as i go.

There are no artificial colours or preservatives which does give the products a shelf life, all products used are 100% organic with most being fairtrade and all purchased in the UK supporting our own economy, there are no animal fats or gelatin in any products, i do however use two animal by products which are honey & beeswax pellets. All packaging is from a recycled source, all products unless individually stated are vegan friendly – here are two reviews from the lip scrub trial


An absolutely fantastic review from Kayla over at Makeup By Kayla for my new lip scrubs launching soon – Kayla trialled the product for me along with a few other ladies

“I have been using the chocolate lip scrub (made by Zoe) to prep my lips before application of matte lip liner and liquid lipstick. It smells amazing and leaves your lips super soft, prevents drying and cracking and the longevity of the product has been so much better I haven’t needed to reapply or top up product while I am out. I will definitely be introducing into my kit for Client use as it is a must for perfect lips especially for a wedding occasion or a bride herself. Thankyou Zoe for a great product I look forward to trying the others out very soon 🙂 xxx”


another awesome review from Louise who also trialled the lipscrubs – thank you Louise

“Had brown sugar & honey lip scrub and chocolate lip scrub and balm
Absolutely loved them makes my lips feel so soft tastes nice too
I am not a person that uses beauty products but they are so easy to use and work really quick thanks zoe”

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Exciting rebranding & new products

While away on maternity leave I have now finally found enough time to bring everything under one roof & launch my new handmade organic beauty product line. It has been a while in the pipeline but time restraint with my beautiful brides has lead me to keep putting off the launch.

my rebranding is now in full swing & being launched across all social media with a fantastic response from followers. I have now brought my beauty treatments into the fold also & most excitedly I am working behind the scenes on phase one launch of beauty products – keep your eyes peeled 

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2018 / 2019 Offers

Bookings have been coming in thick and fast! With now no availability before 20th October 2018 it’s definately going to be a wonderful year. For those of you who haven’t as yet decided upon your bridal hair & make up stylist I have the following offers available

1. 10% discount of bookings of 2 or more people

2. A reduced deposit of £100 to book

These offers are available until the end of March 2018 on any available dates from 20/10/18 through 2018 & 2019

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2017 – Looking Ahead

It has been quite a hectic year both business & personal wise for me so I have been a tad slack with keeping everyone up to date! With the end of 2016 rapidly coming to end I thought it best to start getting things sorted. All of my 2016 brides have been fantastic – we have shared many giggles at trials and on the big day, over the years I have always advised my brides that planning & being organised is the key to a stress free wedding day and it becomes more apparent with every bride I speak to. These days with the internet becoming our best friend in planning our big day we find more internet fraudsters who lure us in with fantastic offers that once a deposit or full payment is made they disappear off the face of the earth. There are many Facebook groups & pages that try and assist brides to be get their money back or ‘name & shame’ the companies or individuals however, it seems that this type of fraud is still growing by the day.

Planning ahead is always the key – this allows time to do research on suppliers allowing your decision to be an informed one. If an offer seems too good to be true, generally it is! Don’t be too quick because you’re being told the offer is only for 24hrs and a deposit or full payment has to be made, a quality supplier wouldn’t drop to low prices to gain business as they would value their time, knowledge & craft.

I do place an offer of discounts however my offers tend to veer towards a bottle of bubbly or a free set of lashes for the bride when the bridal party book them, I value the time the time I put in to both your trial, wedding day and my training. I also have to take into consideration the cost of my kit, my insurance, my time, fuel costs, future training and much more.

Always look into reviews and see if those people are on suppliers pages, they may be willing to talk to you on the page – check their prices, generally these will be on their website, or at least a guide price depending on the supplier you are looking at. Check the terms (mine are on my website for all to see), ensure there are no hidden costs i.e. Travelling.  Here’s hoping for your happy planning & 2017 (and beyond) wedding

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Happy New Year

2015 was such an exciting year for me – I saw lots of new venues & brides. Pendrel Hall, The Ashes, Ettington Park, The Hilton, Mythe Barn, Shustoke Barn to name just a few! I am busy behind the scenes organising what will hopefully be a fab & varied 2016. I do still have 2016 dates available but they’re booking quick – drop me a line in January & get a free trial for your maid of honour / adult bridesmaid


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Shouyi’s wedding

image image



The beautiful Shouyi married at Handpicked hotel Ettington Park in Startford upon Avon. Shouyi chose a beautiful French lace wedding gown and veil to go with a natural make up & curly pinned up do.


image image

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Late Availability July & August 2015

The following dates are available to book at our late availability rates – these rates if booking more than one person qualifies for 15% off – please get in touch for details & your personal quote.


July 2015 > 17th & 31st

August 2015 > 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th & 22nd / 07931304212

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