2017 – Looking Ahead

It has been quite a hectic year both business & personal wise for me so I have been a tad slack with keeping everyone up to date! With the end of 2016 rapidly coming to end I thought it best to start getting things sorted. All of my 2016 brides have been fantastic – we have shared many giggles at trials and on the big day, over the years I have always advised my brides that planning & being organised is the key to a stress free wedding day and it becomes more apparent with every bride I speak to. These days with the internet becoming our best friend in planning our big day we find more internet fraudsters who lure us in with fantastic offers that once a deposit or full payment is made they disappear off the face of the earth. There are many Facebook groups & pages that try and assist brides to be get their money back or ‘name & shame’ the companies or individuals however, it seems that this type of fraud is still growing by the day.

Planning ahead is always the key – this allows time to do research on suppliers allowing your decision to be an informed one. If an offer seems too good to be true, generally it is! Don’t be too quick because you’re being told the offer is only for 24hrs and a deposit or full payment has to be made, a quality supplier wouldn’t drop to low prices to gain business as they would value their time, knowledge & craft.

I do place an offer of discounts however my offers tend to veer towards a bottle of bubbly or a free set of lashes for the bride when the bridal party book them, I value the time the time I put in to both your trial, wedding day and my training. I also have to take into consideration the cost of my kit, my insurance, my time, fuel costs, future training and much more.

Always look into reviews and see if those people are on suppliers pages, they may be willing to talk to you on the page – check their prices, generally these will be on their website, or at least a guide price depending on the supplier you are looking at. Check the terms (mine are on my website for all to see), ensure there are no hidden costs i.e. Travelling.  Here’s hoping for your happy planning & 2017 (and beyond) wedding

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