Beauty Products

All natural organic products are handmade by me with 100% natural, organic & fair trade products purchased within the UK. They contain no artificial preservatives meaning that the products do have a shelf life, they also contain no artificial colours or flavours. All products unless individually stated with a * are vegan friendly – they contain no animal fats or gelatin’s, anything marked with a * will contain either one or both of the following animal by products: beeswax pellets & honey


Natural Organic Lip Scrubs

Approx 50ml | £5.50 ea

Peppermint | Honey & Cinnamon* | Brown Sugar & Honey* | Chocolate Sugar


Natural Organic Lip Balms*

(currently all lip balms contain beeswax pellets)

Approx 30ml | £4.50 ea

Peppermint | Lime | Plumping Cinnamon


Beauty Boost hydration eye mask x 3 £6.50

Beauty Boost lip mask x 3 £6.50

Natura Sheet Mask: Herb infused, Avocado, Rose infused, Multi-Grain, Turmeric £4.90

Beauty Pro Thermotherapy Warming Silver Mask £5

Beauty Pro Thermotherapy Warming Gold Mask £5

Beauty Pro Lifting 3d Clay Mask with calomine £6

Beauty Pro Purifying 3d Clay Mask with activated charcoal £6

Beauty Pro Charcoal Peel Off Mask £3.90

Beauty Pro Collagen Infused Brightening sheet mask with Vitamin C£3.90

Beauty Pro Collagen infused rejuvenating sheet mask with Green Tea extract £3.90

Beauty Pro Collagen Infused nourishing sheet mask with Olive Extract £3.90

Beauty Pro Detoxifying Cleansing sheet mask with Activated Charcoal £3.90

Beauty Pro Under Eye Therapy mask x 3 with collagen & green tea £3.90

Beauty Pro collagen infused therapy gloves £3.90

Beauty Pro collagen infused foot mask £3.90

Beauty Pro foot & callus peel with botanical & fruit extracts £7 (this is a 7 days treatment)